The Abita Mystery House

The Abita Mystery House was birthed from the crazy mind of John Bullard. Also known as the UCM Museum this once country gas station has been turned into an interactive exhibit with memorabilia and previously used particles from the past. Unknown spectacles such as Darrel the Dogigator (half alligator half dog), Edmond the Allisapien (half alligator half homosapien) and a house full of hands on dioramas with red buttons to push and phones tapped directly into the neighbors as well as the pentagon. The photography here is a small glimpse into a strange world located off a small country road in Abita Springs, Louisiana.







One Response to “The Abita Mystery House”

  1. Lana says:

    Very nice. FYI the town’s Abita Springs, not just “Abita.” Glad you enjoyed your visit. :)